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A little off topic here but it’s what’s on my mind  So… who’s been playing Starcraft?  It’s my first ever RTS but I’m really digging it.  So much so that it’s significantly cutting into my WoW time!  Anyone else have that going on?  I’m kinda a little tempted to make a Starcraft blog too… I’m [...]

Dear Blizzard…

I have a few choice words for Blizzard right now.  No, none of them are nice.  I’m just so frustrated. Here is the short summary: Account got hacked and subsequently banned, waited a week and a half, got items back and got unbanned.  Raided one day.  Account got re-banned “Exploiting the economy”  and I put [...]

Happy Birthday

Wow… I just renewed my domain name today, it was about to expire in six days.  You know what that means… this website is officially one year old!  In some ways, it sort of feels like a lot longer than just a year.  Maybe it’s because I played around with writing other WoW related blogs [...]

Heroic Sindragosa Video, and more!

Well if you read my blog regularly you know that just shy of two weeks ago my account was hacked.  Yesterday I got my account back.  My computer was clean, and I slapped an authenticator on the account.  All of my items were restored, and after several hours of bank sorting and rearranging I was [...]

LoL Spell Power

You know that baby druid that I started the first week I started this blog?  The goal was to play her casually and level her up with friends.  That actually sort of worked until she hit 71 and my leveling friend quit playing  That was back at halloween.  Then she just sort of sat there [...]

Riding Sindragrosa

This has nothing to do with being a resto druid, I just wanted to show off Sindy, my new mount  Between being a cow and popping a growth potion, my new drake (Glory of the Icecrown Raider) looks as big as Sindragrosa herself!  Ok, I like showing off in Dalaran, who doesn’t occasionally

Hard Mode Blood Queen and Festergut

Wow… you go unguided for less than one week and you feel like you’ve fallen so far behind!  Yikes!  Well… I found a new home and am raiding again, so all is well on that front.  Even did some hard mode 10 mans last night with the new guild, and remembered to take some videos… [...]

The T10 Bonus in Action

Well, I got my four piece Tuesday night after 25 man raids.  Actually, I’m super lucky and 3 of my 4 are Sanctified already… I know, I hate me a little bit too.  So for those of you who forgot, or never knew, the t10 (Lasherweave Garb) four piece set bonus is “Each time your [...]

How I’m spending my Emblems of Frost

I’m pretty excited because I should get my four piece this Tuesday!  I’m hoping the jumping rejuvenation turns out to be a really good thing, but I guess all the theory crafting in the world doesn’t do as much good as seeing it in action during one night of raiding! I have to say, I [...]

Insanity, or something like it

A Tribute to Insanity  Well I finally got a tribute to insanity after a couple of weeks with 48/49 attempts left!  Actually I think you should get something related to insanity for having to run TOC so many damn times in a week!  Hurry up Icecrown Citadel, I neeeeeeed a change! We also did it with only 1 death, [...]

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