How Are Gaming Headsets Different From The Regular Headsets?

For most of us, a headset would serve the purpose of listening to some music, while for some of us watch television, videos or movies using these. However, there is a growing population of people who are into games. The quality of these have shot through the roof in the last couple of years and it keeps getting more intense, visual and exciting with time. For the experience to be complete, a good sound system is essential. This enhances the experience and makes it almost real. In addition, there are several plays or games which are played online with friends called the Multiplayer games. This requires constant communication while playing. This is where a good headset will come handy.

So, will it not suffice if I step out into the market and pick up the first headset I see on sale? Well, that is where this article will help. There are minor differences between regular headsets and headsets specifically made for gaming.

a) Microphone: This is probably the immediate difference one can immediately spot. In gaming headsets, the microphone is inbuilt as compared to regular headphones. It is important to choose one with a noise canceling facility which will transfer clear sound to your game partners.

b) Surround Sound: Surround sound is probably the one element no gamer will want to negotiate with. This is the one thing that will justify the sound card and give life to the games. Without good surround sound, the games will lack a certain depth which gamers thrive on. However, in regular headsets, the requirement is more on sound. For instance, it needs to be able to replay deep bass as well as precise high tones.

c) Comfort: This is another key factor. Typically, gamers are involved in hours of playing and will need to play without feeling the fatigue of wearing heavy or uncomfortable gear. However, the same need not be true about regular headsets. They are designed to block exterior or outside disturbances so you can talk or listen while you converse.

d) Construction: Generally, you will find that headphones made for games will never be the in-ear variety. It will usually have a cushioned cup for the ears with a band across the head avoiding all the pressure points giving comfort to the wearer. However, regular headsets come in different versions and can be chosen per the task that it is required for.

e) Blocking out of Noises: There are two types of headsets to choose from- Open and Closed. In the open type, there is some sort of filtration of outside noises and some air circulation. In the second closed type, both features will not exist. There are both pros and cons in this. In comparison, regular headsets can be chosen based on the individual need of a person, while considering the above as well.

f) Surround Sound in the Headset: As mentioned, some of the gaming headsets boast of many membranes within the ear cup of the headset. This boosts the experience of the game by many levels. However, such level of technology is not required in a regular headset.

Soundmoz has a good guide on the best gaming headset under 100, with many good headset alternatives. Whatever headset you pick make sure you do read up about the brands and their performance reviews and pick the headset that works for your games.