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Haste in Cataclysm

Haste in Cataclysm

Now that Cataclysm is here, how much haste do I need as a Resto Druid??

I’m afraid there is no easy answer, only a set of goals you can strive for… the numbers below assume a 5% haste buff from someone in your raid since even most 10 mans have this now.

Below you can see how much haste is needed to add an additional tick to each of our HoTs.  Some of these numbers aren’t very achievable at the moment.  My current goal (which I have not yet met) is 2004 haste to buff my wildgrowth.  You can set your own goals based on the information below.  The number in the (parenthesis) assumes you have Dark Intent.

4 ticks by default
5 ticks — 12.5%  = 915 haste (516)
6 ticks — 37.5% = 3964 haste (3476)

Wild Growth:
7 ticks by default
8 ticks 7.1%  = 262 haste
9 ticks 21.4%  = 2004 haste (1573)
10 ticks 35.7%  = 3746 haste (3264)

3 ticks by default
4 ticks 16.6%  = 1423 haste (1009)

10 ticks by default
11 ticks 5% = 0 haste
12 ticks 15%  = 1220 haste (812)
13 ticks 25% = 2440 haste (1996)
14 ticks 35% = 3659 haste (3180)

(numbers from naperken, thanks)

15 Responses to “Haste in Cataclysm”

  1. Aggrazel says:

    Also remember you can force proc your Nature’s Grace (if talented) for a 15% haste buff, so you can reach 10 ticks on wild growth when you need it. So I’m targeting 2251 haste to be able to have 6 ticks on rejuv when needed.

  2. Boot Danger says:

    Good information, having 6 ticks on rejuv is important late game raiding.

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  3. mike says:

    your numbers are wrong, for every 20 haste you get .16% for every 40 you get .31% so in order to get 35% haste you would need to get 4375 points in haste

  4. Brygh says:

    The above numbers look like they’re assuming you have the 5% haste buff from Shadow Priests, Balance Druids, or Shamans; which is not an entirely safe thing to do.

  5. dave says:

    Haste is just a bad stat for restos, mastery beats it no matter how you look at it

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