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Thinking about Furor

Now that I’ve had a few days to reflect on my choices and really go over the tree, I’m giving some serious thought to adding Furor to my spec.  Basically, it increases your maximum mana by 15%.  But it’s not just the fact that you’d be getting a larger mana pool.  Since replenishment returns mana based on a percentage of your mana, and not based on a set number, then having a larger mana pool in turn means gaining more from replenishment (not to mention Revitalize).

This of course means I wont be able to tap into 3/3 Moonglow which saddens me a little.  I like making my spells cheeper :(

I haven’t made any changes just yet, since mana really isn’t an issue at 80.  But as we look towards 85, you may see me making this adjustment :)

12 Responses to “Thinking about Furor”

  1. Moonra says:

    2/3/36 will most likely be the best spec around… 9% off mana cost is nice but we proc a lot of regen that is based on total mana…

    • Archdruid Angela says:

      I’m not completely sold, 7/3/31 is what I’m leaning towards… but it’s hard to say what mana will be like at 85, so I could change around a lot when we first start raiding!

  2. Azhari says:

    I don’t have a problem with mana especially when I swap innvervates powered by the glyph with another druid healer. Although, we don’t run hard modes in 25 ICC so maybe that’s why I’m doing ok. Revitalize is a wonderful new talent we have inherited!

  3. Krazyito65 says:

    I actually have 3 points in Natures Grace (15% haste when you cast moonfire or insect swarm; 1 min cooldown)

    I find that quickly hitting a moonfire on a random enemy and then getting the extra 15% haste for 15 secs is quite nice when I need a quick regrowth on multiple people.

  4. Isnull says:

    With 0 hit rating, we don’t have any change to gain the extra haste. It may works on dungeon 5-man, trash, but not in raiding

  5. funkymusic says:

    Azhari- of course mana is not an issue now. in cata @85…it will be.

    krazy- natures grace on a 1min cd. and lasts 15 seconds. is terrible. it takes away from your role as a healer to hit moonfire watch it miss 3 times and lose out on healing all for a proc of 15 seconds. i know moonglow looks attractive and depending on early cata mana issues i might throw points into it but dont expect me or a lot of good resto’s to dps for a proc that i prolly will never use when say a hot works better in a situation vs a direct heal with 5% haste from the proc.

    there is a blue post about revitalize being nerfed. im not sure on the exact details as none were given in the statement but you can find it on mmo.

    i know a lot of druids were looking into malfurions gift by way of FoS for the omen proc chance. i havent exactly had time to read up on EJ cata stuff since 4.0 was released. but this will prolly be they way i roll if the numbers are still good as what they were about 3 weeks ago.

    i know arch will be raiding 10m so the spec is subject to major difference compared to 25m.

  6. Bolink says:

    It will be interesting to see what Druids coming up on lvl 85 need to deal with. Mana might become a limiting factor to some degree…or maybe not. It’ll be fun to see how it plays out!

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