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Healbot 101

As many of you already know, my healing mod of choice is HealBot.  I get a lot of questions about how to do things in HealBot, so I’m going to do my best to tell you about my basic setup. :)  I am in no way associated with this mod (just a huge fan!) and probably don’t know all of it’s ins-and-outs, but these are the features of it that I utilize the most when healing on my druid, shaman, paladin, and priest :)

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The first screen you see when you open HealBot is the “General” tab. From here you can disable HealBot, choose to put it on your mini-map, ect. Nothing really exciting here that needs to be changed!

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The second tab of HealBot is your spells tab. This is where you assign heals, cures, etc to different mouse click and key combinations. If you have an on-use trinket, you can use this to auto-cast it with certain spells. I have my Sliver of Pure Ice on auto-trinket to maximize the mana I get back from it. Also, you can assign a macro (instead of a spell) to a click so you could include your trinket or other non-spells into HealBot this way. Holy Nova (for example) is not cast on another player, but so that I could cast it more quickly I just assigned a key combination to a casting macro in HealBot on my priest.Also on this tab is “SmartCast when out of combat” which I choose to use for quick buffing and resurrecting while out of combat. You can enable it using the check box.

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Skins – Healing
Next, we are going to look under the Skins tab, in the subsection “Healing”. This is where you choose who to have on your HealBot bars. You can see right now I have “Focus” selected because I set Valithria Dreamwalker as my focus target when healing that fight, and want her included on my bars. I usually have the boss set to focus, but it only includes friendly targets on HealBot so it’s not a problem to just keep this checked. I choose to ignore pets when raiding, but on my leveling characters running mostly 5-mans I have that checked.

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Skins – Healing – Raid
Under the Healing subsection, is another subsection called “Raid”. This is where you can choose what raid groups to show. Sometimes we have D/C or on-call people sitting in group 8 and I can choose to not show them here.

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Skins – Icons
The Icons section on the Spells tab lets you show what spells are currently rolling on your targets. I have mine set to show druid HoTs, but only the ones cast by me. I have found that I frankly don’t care what everyone else is doing, I keep HoTting the raid, and I don’t want it all junking up my bars. But it IS very helpful to see what HoTs I have rolling on what people, and since the icons fade as the spell gets close to fading, I know who needs a refresh. Also, HealBot does pickup rejuvenation cast by your t-10 bonus, so you can see that too!You can also choose to show raid marks from this screen. Since DBM and other raid mods often put raid-symbols on people for a healing-related reason, I find it is useful to show these marks on my HealBot.

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Skins – Bars
This is where you setup what you want your bars to look like. Here is what mine look like:

As you can see I choose to have long and narrow bars, and I choose to show the mana bars of my raid members. But you might like a totally different style, and this is where you change that :)

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Cure – Debuff
Under the Cure tab in the “Debuff” subsection you can setup HealBot to show you people with debuffs. I have it set to check the raid for poisons and curses, as taht is what I can remove… and of course have a quick key setup for the appropriate curing spells. Make sure you actually check the box to “Monitor to remove debuffs” and “also in combat” or it won’t do you much good in a raid :)

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Cure – Custom
You can also choose to monitor debuffs that aren’t curses, poisons, etc. One example of something I choose to monitor is “Mark of the Fallen Champion” so that I defiantly make sure I don’t forget who has it, and they get a lot of my healing focus. You can add any debuff you think will be helpful on this tab, and also select a color for your custom debuffs.

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I hate people who have to be told to buff. Or people who have to be told to rebuff the guy who died. You know, THAT druid? So I use the “Buffs” tab to check the raid for MotW. I also check for Thorns on the tanks using the “Name” option. HINT: when entering the names of people to check, separate them with commas and do NOT use spaces. If you use “SmartCast when out of combat” (on the Spells tab) then you can one-click buff people in need.

If you have any other questions, or if I missed something that you’ve been wondering how to do, leave a comment and I’ll try to update this post to include your question!

So… About a podcast…

A friend and I were kicking around the idea of doing a podcast.  We would basically discuss what’s new in the blue-posts but… that just doesn’t seem like enough.  If anyone has any brilliant ideas for what to talk about, leave a comment, your suggestions are appreciated!

OMG 10 Man!

I’ve been threatening to make a 10 man guild for a long time now… cuz well… I love running 10 man content, and it seems like it’s going to be totally viable in Cataclysm.  Plus, so many guilds are falling apart right now, maybe I can snag a few people?!? So… I’m doing it!  Interested?  Check it out!!

30 Responses to “Healbot 101”

  1. Moonra says:

    Nice work :)

    Healbot is a very powerful addon with loooaaaaaaads of option, you just have to find them (which is the hard bit sometimes)

  2. Syrelle says:

    I was thinking about using HealBot instead of grid once I came back, but decided not to since I didn’t know my way around it. Very great and helpful guide, thanks. :D I might consider switching over to try it out. :)

  3. Darsonsind says:

    Great post. I am Healbot user and i am loving it! :D

  4. zelmaru says:

    That is a really nice guide. Because healbot is actually decent out of the box there are fewer guides on it than, say, Grid or Vuhdo. I’m gonna link to this guide on my site – just as soon as the domain move is finished.

  5. Gurtrew says:

    I REALLY thing you need to get a forums up here, :) If you wanted any help i know where you could find a buddy young tree to help you :)

  6. Johnnyvishus says:

    I recently rolled an alt druid which I am healing with. I use healbot but can not get the out of range settings right to fade bars when those people are out of heal range…. any advice on those settings

  7. Zd says:

    How do you monitor swiftmendable targets in Healbot? Like a simple dot indicator showing that a hot from you and/or another druid is on the target while your swiftmend is off cd.

    I was unable to find it in Healbot (it exists in a Grid module though) and this is one of the main reasons I discarded Healbot right away and got Vuhdo that still love very much.

    • Archdruid Angela says:

      I just have swiftmend on a key directly above healbot so I can see when it becomes active again :) Not sure if there is a feature within healbot itself, sorry!

  8. not to troll here but i dont know why any resto druid would use healbot. i mean sure its personal preference but coming from someone who has tried all 3 (healbot, grid, grid2) while healbot and grid both are nice and small they take up no room but…

    as a resto im sure we can all agree knowing when to rehot a target is crucial. grid2 allows me to scan over the whole 25 raid and watch all of my hot timers ie. regrowth, rejuv, lifebloom (colors change with each application of LB) and wild growth. this is just one of the many reasons i use grid2. many tree’s have had trouble using healbot and come to me in turn i offer them grid2 and its always worked out better.

    of course with healbot you can have your keys bound thru the options menu instead of running grid2 with clique for example. i really did not think anyone even used healbot anymore so this was a surprise coming here to see you having a post about it.

    • Archdruid Angela says:

      @funkymusic – Healbot also shows all the HoTs on a target and they fade for the last several seconds before they are gone, so we know who to re-hot. It also shows our rejuves from our t-10 proc. You can choose to either just show your own HoTs (my preference) or to show all druid or all healer HoTs/shields. Usually people who take your attitude simply don’t know how to use all of HealBots features.

      @healinore – you can assign rebirth to a key combination just like any other spell, but if you don’t have anyone but the tanks showing then that won’t really help you. Why (as a healer) don’t you have the raid shown? How do you heal them? I personally don’t have it rebirth comboed to any keys, I shift-click to target a person (in this case the one I want to rez) and then hit my Brez key :)

  9. Luminato says:

    Great Blog Post Angie! :) I found it very useful.

  10. Healinore says:

    One thing that I have always kind of struggled with is a fast way to pop a brez mid raid. I haven’t really been able to figure out if that is possible to do through Healbot. I typically don’t have any raid frames up during the fight (except for the tanks) and so if a DPS or a healer goes down, what I typically do is /target then smash Rebirth on a hotkey. That can take a lot of time and then sometimes I have to run around to get in range of the target, which means my healing suffers in the meanwhile. Any advice for me on better brezzing?

    Thank you!

  11. Healinore says:

    I primarily use Healbot to heal and I do have all the raiders showing (LOL), sorry if I didn’t make that clear before. I liked to have separate raid frames for the tanks for emergency Swiftmends etc, but I think after reading some other comments I can fix that now! ;) My problem was that I didn’t realize I could set up Healbot to actually TARGET a player to pop a battle rez! That will help me immensely! Thanks for the help, Angela! :) No more running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off!

  12. Zd says:

    I think you did a great job on Healbot tutorial, but honestly HB sucks big time for resto druids, ask most endgame progression trees.

    Just to name a few most important:

    a) it can’t show swiftmendable targets from you and other trees, which is very very important.
    b) it doesn’t have cluster finder for AoE spells (WG for druids).

    I’ve been reading your great blog for quite a long time, but was kind of confused then to find out that you were using HB. I hear a lot of druids using Grid were hesitant to switch to Vuhdo (due to the time required to set it up plus mouse overs), but once they did they never came back. And face the truth Healbot has always been generally inferior to Grid for druids. Anyway just checked on my post, I’m taking a WoW break until Cata anyways. Take care

    • Archdruid Angela says:

      Any target with a HoT is a swiftmendable target… how, in a mo showing rejuve and regrowth on the targets, is it not also showing who’s swiftmendable??

      You don’t have to use healbot, I know everyone has different prefrences, but to say its not good for resto druids, I’m sorry, that’s just being ignorant.

  13. Zd says:

    meant that Grid+mouseover require a lot of inital setup, Vuhdo is great out of the box basically

  14. Zd says:

    well, you can easily have your SM on CD while having hots on the target, at the same time you have to monitor RG/RJ from other druids, that way you have to watch several things to make a decision to swiftmend and it’s one of the best spells trees have to use effectively as often as possible…

    HB just doesnt fully deliver to use all druid’s tools effectively, it might be good enough for a pally though. In Vuhdo/Grid if the target has a RG/RJ from any druid in the raid, and your swiftmend is not on CD, it adds a small indicator on the frame to immediately show you can swiftmend it, honestly I can’t imagine how I could go without it, especially in situations when there’s more than 1 tree in the raid, it makes decision making so much easier. There’s been a few discussions on this on MMO Champtions I came across recently if you care to check out.

    • Archdruid Angela says:

      You don’t have to (and I choose not to) show other druids hots… SM is like any other spell with a CD, you can monitor its available easily enough.

      You must have very little of use to do with your time if all you want to do is bitch about healbot. For the rest of you out there, I <3 healbot and I hope this tutorial was useful :)

  15. Druides says:

    Maybe instead of a Resto Druid podcast, maybe get with other blogs and make a druid podcast. Talking about all specs in both pvp and Pve can fill allot of time, help those who dual spec, and help out druids understand each other.

  16. Lesha says:

    I am a huge fan of Healbot, although I admit I haven’t tried any other healing mods. I raid with a priest who loves Grid, but when he plays his resto Druid alt, he switches to Healbot. I think this mod often gets overshadowed by Grid, but for what I need to raid heal effectively, it’s been perfect and keeps getting better.
    when I talk to other healers about how powerful Healbot is and how easy to set up, they are generally quite surprised and come back to thank me after trying it themselves. Thanks for making this info available so people know they have options!

  17. cristian says:

    olha te pergunta um exemplo quando estou em bg, como faço p aparece os nomes do healbot apenas q esta ate uma certa distancia de mim, pq veju a life de todo mundo descendu e nem sei quem esta ou naum pertu desde ja agradeço

  18. Mary-Jane says:

    Here is a great resource site for “the world of warcraft”

  19. Eilonthay says:

    Great tutorial! I’ve used HB for a while now, but even I don’t have it completely figured out. For some reason, the difference between using it for my other two healers (resto shaman & holy priest) and my newly specced resto druid are baffling my little brain. T_T Most of the settings transferred well, but others, not so much….battling muscle memory can be a real bitch. Still, practice makes perfect, and I love this addon too much to give it up, so along I chug, and now I have some new tips to check out! Thanks!

  20. nami says:

    AWESOME! tysm, I have been searching for an answer for why my icons didn’t show anymore and how to fix it. I looked at so many pages, read so much crap, but as soon as I came on your page it took me about 10 seconds to find the exact answer I needed!. Great page, simple and very well seperated. Thanks so much for doing this. I really have been trying to figure this out for a while, I’m so happy that basically as soon as I found this page, I found the answer I needed. Simple quick answers….. Perfect : D

  21. Merci pour l’article, je mets le site direct en favoris ! :) Je dois dire que je ne regrette en rien de m’être abonné à votre weblog. Continuez !

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