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Valithria Dreamwalker

The Valithria Dreamwalker fight is a unique one in WoW because your objective is not to kill the boss, but instead to heal her from half to full health.  It’s also an interesting fight for druids… you know how big your e-peen was feeling after blood queen?  This fight will knock it back down to a more manageable size.

Ok Basically there are four things going on in this fight…

1.) Healing Valithria Dreamwalker - Since the main objective of this fight is to heal her to full, all spare heals should go on Valithria.  This applies to healers and DPS hybrids alike.  I use healbot and was able to set her as my focus, and have my focus on my healbot grid, making keeping full stacks on her fairly manageable most of the time.  If I was a paladin, this would pretty much be my #1 job, all the time.  More on that later!

2.) Basic Circles of Death - There are two types of these in this fight… a light blue one which will explode up with a column of frost damage, and a dark purplish one which will suck your mana dry in a heartbeat.  See circle -> move out of circle –> win.

3.) Lots and Lots of Adds -  There are lots of adds that spawn.  As a healer all you need to know is that some of them do quite a lot of AOE damage, so be ready for it.  But… for the record, here is more information on the different types:

–> Suppressers die fast but reduce the healing dreamwalker takes so assign to kill them quickly!
–>Kill Blazing Skeletons first, they cause big uninterruptible raid damage
–>Aboms debuff tanks and spawn worms when they die that healers will aggro, so stay back
–> Risen Archmage mass frost bolt for 4k damage, and slow, but it can be mass dispelled
–> Blistering Zombie debuff the tank and shoot out large raid damage

–> Suppressers die fast but reduce the healing Valithria Dreamwalker takes so assign someone to kill them quickly!

–> Kill Blazing Skeletons first, they cause big uninterruptible raid damage

–> Aboms debuff tanks and spawn worms when they die that healers will aggro, so stay back

–> Risen Archmages mass frost bolt for 4k damage, and slow, but it can be mass dispelled

–> Blistering Zombie debuff the tank and shoot out large raid damage

4.) Portals – During this fight portals will open up… if you go into the portals you will find yourself in her room, only with these sort-of floating orbs.  What you want to do is fly right though the center of the orbs.  Doing this will explode them, and give you a stacking buff.  The buff increases healing by 10% and mana regen by a crazy amount.  When they explode they hit and buff all the people immediately around them so its best to travel as a group inside here, and not compete for orbs.  Make sure you’re low to the ground when you’re about to phase out or you’ll fall to your death!

Putting it all Togeter

Here’s the thing… you’re never going to outdo a paladin at single target healing on Valithria, and well… there is a lot of raid damage, and someone has to stay outside healing it while everyone hops into those portals… so suck it up and do it.  It’s your job bitch… I mean… It’s your job tree.

In our particular strategy we had 2 holy paladins who went into every single portal and spammed Valithria Dreamwalker like mad the whole fight (while beaconing a tank.)  Towards the end when the portals were spawinng faster, they were able to get their +healing stacks over 20.  They also got power infusion when available.  They really dominated this encounter!

Then we had three holy priests.  Now, the coolest thing about holy priests on this fight is that you can cast Guardian Spirit on Dreamwalker.  The 40% increase to heals really helps, especially when timed with paladin CDs, heroism, power infusion, etc.  They mostly went into all the portals but took turns occasionally sitting one out to help with raid damage.

Then you had a disc priest and myself.  Shields and HoTs = the anti-raid damage.  I didn’t take any portals because I found that my mana-regeneration was sufficient to last the entire fight without the buff, and because I kept healing raid damage while our palis where inside charging up their über heals.  Just be careful not to get caught in any of the black voids, they’ll suck your mana dry pretty fast!

My advice to trees is to play to our assets.  We can raid heal, we have great mana regeneration… so do that.  Sure, keep full HoTs stacked on Valithria, but keep your main focus on healing the raid and let the other classes focus on her.

I do have a video of our kill but it isn’t very good.  I had been recording my interface so you could see what was happening, but after a lag-out-crash it reset my settings and the interface didn’t get recorded :(  I promise I’ll get a better recording of this when we do it in 10 man this week, and I’ll even talk over it again!  The one good thing about this video is you can really see how chaotic this fight gets towards the end.

Linkage: Healing Valithria Dreamwalker from a Paladin perspective, Valithria video from a Paladin perspective

19 Responses to “Valithria Dreamwalker”

  1. Kuzuha says:

    Thanks for the video! Looking forward to the one showing your interface. Just curious, how long did the fight actually take?

  2. Archdruid Angela says:

    The fight took 7:10 when not sped up :)

  3. ryvrdrgn14 says:

    We did this in ICC10 for the first time last weekend and it was pretty hectic. On the last try before call time, all the DPS just went all out on maximizing damage while target switching and controlling all the adds and we didn’t even notice that the dragon stood up and left. xD

    2 tanks, 4 pure DPS (lock, lock, hunter, rogue), and 4 heals (tree, tree, priest, shaman).

    After rotating the healers we decided the druid and the shaman go in (based on previous HPS performance). The druid did 7k HPS and the shaman did 18k HPS. o.O Talk about MVP performance.

    If anyone has tips for druids going in (cause the druid is one of the more experienced raiders but on an undergeared toon and skill > gear), it’d be great :)

  4. Caracal says:

    I just need to ask how you made Valithria stay as your focus in healbot? For me she gets shown as “dc:d” every time i go into the portals and i need to “refocus” her. Any tips?
    Btw, thx for an awesome site!!

  5. Caracal says:

    ….sorry, i ment, she is shown as dc:d every time i come out from the portals :)

  6. Archdruid Angela says:

    Make a macro :)

    /tar Valithria

    hit it before the pull, and then every time you get out of the portal :)

  7. Caracal says:

    Thank you for a quick reply. I actually tried a macro last time, but it didnt work:
    /target Valithria Dreamwalker /focus
    …and now when i read your post i guess i have wrote it in one single line…not in 2 lines. So that might be the problem. Soo, just a silly mistake from me.


  8. Caracal says:

    Just Caracal here again…sorry.
    Well, now when i think about it, it cant be because of that reason either. Because the macro works before pull, and i can keep her on focus all the time until i get in to the portals….then she gets “dc:d” and the macro doesnt want to work :(

  9. Swordplay (Server = Uldaman) says:

    Hey Caracal I set this up in healbot a really awesome way, I made a quick macro that auto focuses her while you heal, I am a paladin so the spell iput in will be Holy light, but feel free to change this to you GOTO spell for this fight:

    /tar valithria dreamwalker
    /cast Holy Light

    I saved this Macro as NewLight and put it in the keybind where Holy light was inside of pally power (Just write your macro name as t is spelled exactly), Remember before you go in make sure she is focused and on healbot, she will stay there through out the fight but aqfter you leave dreamstate you will have to just click that mouseclick on healbot and it will Refocus her and you can go straight back in to healing

  10. Swordplay (Server = Uldaman) says:

    *Edit* I said Pally Powr, i meant Healbot…Whoops haha

  11. Caracal says:

    Ty Swordplay! =)

  12. Gurtrew says:

    Hi Miss Angela,

    I must ask….

    If we are going into the portals… what rotation should we use?
    Keep all HOTs and Nourish spam? Or something else….


    • Archdruid Angela says:

      @Gertrew Yep, exactly that :) Also, if you can afford to have a “Valithria Spec” make sure you have Empower Touch and Glyph of Nourish

  13. Srsbznss says:

    On 10 man Heroic I am asked to enter the portals, and I wondered if anyone could recommend some sort of cast sequence macro that includes targeting her and resetting after every portal?

    • Archdruid Angela says:

      Sorry but I don’t use a cast sequence macro on my druid for this. I the only macro I use is this:

      /tar valith
      /cast rejuvenation

      That gets me started as I’m running, Then I do regrowth, a full stack of lifebloom, and nourish the hell out of her till I need to refresh a HoT :)

  14. Srsbznss says:

    Thank you =)

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