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Druid 101 – Spec & Talents

I’ve honestly never been a big fan of sites that tell you how to spec your character, but this little website of mine is starting to get more popular and I’m getting a lot of questions about “How should I spec for Raids” or “Why did you choose this talent” so I figured it was about time I made a post about my spec. I’ll perhaps follow up with a post on glyphing and gemming in the near future, on days I have less new content to write about.

So, for people who prefer to look at it in “talent tree” style, here is my spec (Jan 19, 2010 — currently in 3.3.0)

Now I’ll go into my choices a little bit more, so you can understand why I did what I did, and decide if you want to choose the same things as me, or if you think it would be better to make some modifications for your style of healing :)

Balance Tree

5/5 Genesis – Well, this increases our periodic healing by 5% and we all know how much of our healing is HoTs!

3/3 Moonglow – A 9% reduction in mana cost to most of my spells is always handy in long fights

2/2 Nature’s Majesty - Ok, the 4% crit on Nourish and HT dosen’t hurt… but mostly this is just to get us down to the next level.

1/1 Nature’s Splendor – This is a no-brainer, and a must have… add more time to your HoTs.

Before the GotEM nerf, this is where I stopped on this tree.  If you have 856 haste or above, you can stop here!  If you are not at that haste, we’ll continue down the balance tree a little bit more. Read more about Haste!

3/3 Nature’s Grace – If you happen to be nourish spamming, this is defiantly helpful.  It has come in handy for me on some occasions but, as mention above, you are mainly using it to reach Celestial Focus.  Update: Although I did not have this talent before GotEM’s change, I’ve decided to keep it despite being haste capped.  Occasionally I’m spamming out regrowths, and frankly the talents I’m missing out on, on the resto tree, aren’t that appealing anyway!

1/3 Brambles – This is defiantly a filler click.  It coulda gone anywhere on this tree, I threw it here because our paladin tank is always bugging me for thorns so I thought, what the heck!

3/3 Celestial Focus – And this ladies and gentlemen is what we came this far down for… not the push back… the 3% spell haste.  Again, if you are at or above 856 haste, read what I said above, you shouldn’t bother coming down here!

Restoration Tree

2/2 Improved Mark of the Wild – OMG 2% to stats!?! :)

3/3 Nature’s Focus – Well… normally I’m casting instant things anyway but… so this is a bit filler-ish… but still, I guess I occasionally cast these things so it’s not totally wasted!

3/3 Subtlety – Yeah, it reduces threat… usually not an issue… helps prevent dispel… also not a huge issue outside of PvP but… better than the other choices on the tree so three of three it is!

3/3 Natural Shapeshifter – simply to get us to the next skill down

3/3 Intensity – Dear God, thank you for spirit based mana regen, I will always be a spirit whore.

1/1 Omen of Clarity – Free spells are good, and it procs a lot

2/2 Master Shapeshifter – Adds an extra 4%

3/3 Improved Rejuvenation – Should I increase the effectiveness of my most cast spell?  Yeah, probably :)

1/1 Nature’s Swiftness – I have this macroed to healing touch and I call it my “Oh F*ck” Button.  Nice in an emergency!

5/5 Gift of Nature – Um, duh?

5/5 Nature’s Bounty – Yeah, I’ve said I don’t cast these a lot, but when I do, it’s probably because my HoTs are behind and I really need them to crit!

3/3 Living Spirit – No really, I’m a spirit whore, I can’t get enough…

1/1 Swiftmend –  I use this a lot, its great to “catch up” when HoTs fall behind, and even more amazing when glyphed!

5/5 Empowered Rejuvenation – Again, Duh?!?

3/3 Living Seed – I know you’ll see some druids skipping this talent, and that’s fine.  I choose to keep it in, it’s nice in some situations.  I’m not gonna say it’s an amazing must-have talent though :)

1/1 Tree of Life – Some of these talents… really need no explanation…

3/3 Improved Tree of Life – Yeah so, the official math is: spirit whore + living spirit + improve ToL = Win!

5/5 Gift of the Earthmother – Hi, I’m Angela, I like haste.

1/1 Wild Growth – Of course… and glyph it too!  :)

And that’s that…. when you’re haste is high enough to not need celestial focus, you’ll have 7 more clicks to play around with however you want.  None of the talents we skipped are amazing but hey, experiment and see what you like.  I also want to mention, for leveling up I do put 5/5 into Naturalist and then glyph healing touch, and use healing touch the way I use Nourish at 80.

Hey I Hit the Non-CF Haste Cap!

Congratulations of getting your haste way up there!   Me too!  Now that I no longer need Celestial Focus I use 14-0-57 and I would suggest some variation of it :)  This is basically the same as above only I throw some points back into revitalize, cuz it never hurts to have!  But… haste first!  Don’t change over unless you’ll be capped without CF.

18 Responses to “Druid 101 – Spec & Talents”

  1. Arria says:

    Honestly I was speced into Natures Swiftness for a while and found myself never using it. I know it would probably be useful a lot of the time but if I never use it anyways why spec into it ya kno? just a personal playing type I guess.

  2. Piko says:

    Hi Angela!
    Thanks for your guide, my little druid was in hibernation due to work. Thanks for giving my old love a kickstart! <3

    Too bad they nerfed GotEM.

  3. Dierdrea says:

    Wow, google search is amazing. So does this mean I am now eligble for the draw on the trading card o.o!

  4. Elo says:

    Hey, so I’m a bit confused. I specced into the CF and expected to see my “Haste Rating” section on my character info increase, but it stayed the same. Is there something i’m not looking at correctly?

    • Archdruid Angela says:

      Your haste rating and your haste %% are different, so specing won’t change the number you see. The chart on this post will let you know how much haste you need basted on your spec to reach 50%.

  5. frozoma says:

    so I have been planing on leveling a resto druid but I want to make it so I can heal for raids and for pvp/arena is there anything special I need todo or could I just follow this?

  6. Hotsforyou says:

    Pretty much the specc I’m running. However, I don’t quite see why you filled out Subtlety with 3 points rather than just sticking to 23 and putting that last point into 13 Revitalize. Sure, the 5% chance ain’t that huge, but it’s not like that last point in Sublety does anything at all, so I’d say it’s better having that 5% chance on wild growthrejuve ticks to restore some mana,energy etc.

  7. Fyyrr says:

    hi Angela thanx for this, i just hit 80 and want to be the best resto heals i can be for ICC progression.
    on a side note my RL name is angela lol

  8. Knubby says:

    hello Angela i was just looking into the spec a little bit and if i am not mistaken up through ICC no bosses or trash dispel your HoT’s or heals from your raid, and honestly if threat from a healer is a problem for your tanks they shouldn’t be in ICC lol. so i was just wondering would it not be more helpful to take all three points out of subtlety and put them all in revitalize in case your tank or dps get low on mana,rage,Runic power… etc?

    • Archdruid Angela says:

      Knubby – Because you need the points that high on the tree to get to lower points, you can’t just move them to the bottom

  9. Deepwinter says:


    I was thinking that going for empowered touch, would be better then going for Living seed for the nourish bonus.
    plus it wouldn’t hurt the Oh Sh**T Macro :P
    I would appreciate any thoughs you have on that.

    • Archdruid Angela says:

      Yeah I have this in my (other) druid’s spec, and in my Valithria healing spec. It’s defiantly a valid choice if you use nourish in your style of healing. I’m not a big nourisher myself, so I leave it out :)

  10. Bibbiz says:

    Want to start out with a great thanks for making this guide. Helped me to fill out the last things i needed to know about resto druids.
    Though i was checking out your talent suggestion and i wanted to say – Why 3/3 in Sublety ? You can just go with 2/3, it’s enough to keep the aggro low enough (trust me). I’m almost going with the same spec as you have suggested. Just a slight difference – 2/2 Empowered Touch & 2/3 Revitalize. Since i sometimes tend to spam Nourich in dire situations when the raid takes loads of damage. Critts for ~15k nourich isn’t to bad.
    Just wanted to give you my thoughts :)
    Thanks again!

  11. Karä says:


    Again like most have said, this is a great side. So thanks for that. Bibbiz, I’d have to agree with you on this but I’ve got one question though. Last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking why not put those 2 points in natural perfection instead? I’d rather go with some extra crits on a boss fight than the mana revitalize gives. I think. What are your thoughts?

  12. I really appreciate this post. I have been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You’ve made my day! Thx again! “Every time we remember to say thank you, we experience nothing less than heaven on earth.” by Sarah Ban Breathnach.

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  14. J’aime votre article. Merci pour l’information. J’attend avec impatience la suite. Amicalement,

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