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Bring on the t9 Crit!

I just posted yesterday saying goodbye to my 8.5, and today I’m saying hello to my T9 with it’s rejuvenation crit bonus.  I got another TOC crusader trophy, and thought to myself…. I have the badges to get the crappy (232) piece to round out the set, why not?!?!  I mean, haven’t we all waited too long to buy stuff before and ended up with loads of badges that are virtually worthless?  And you know, that iLevel 232 stuff was NOT an upgrade, it was a downgrade, but I’m hoping it will be worth it for the crits!  

It was weird healing last night without my 8.5 bonus.  I know that recount isn’t at all a good measure of a healer, but it is something I watch to compare me to myself.  I noticed exactly what I expected to see… on the fights with less raid-damage (where I use to get that instant click in before someone topped them off) my numbers sucked, and on the fights with more raid damage where I pre-HoT more, the numbers were better than ever.  I expect that this trend won’t change with my t9 bonus.  

I’m hoping to get some more crit as I replace more of my trimmings.  For those of you also interested in upping your crit, wowwikki says that we need 167 intellect or 46 critical strike rating to gain 1% crit chance.  On a side note, a belt that matched would be nice… the one that matches the 8.5 looks a little stupid with the t9 corset!

Killed Onyxia too… incredibly disappointing.  Just not a challenge at all.  Ugh :(

One Response to “Bring on the t9 Crit!”

  1. Lenwë says:

    No more post? :(

    Gratz for your set!^^

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