When is it time to change?

I made a guild change this week.  The whole thing actually went pretty smooth in my opinion.  I was unhappy with something, and spoke to my (old) GM.  I was told that said dispute wouldn’t change any time soon.  I told him that I enjoyed the guild but I would be headed off, and he said I was free to stay tagged until I found something new.  I didn’t of course, because I think if you apply to a guild while in a guild, it looks like your going behind someone’s back.  

I still have loads of friends in the guild, and continued to lead my 10 man group as if nothing had happened, with the same (now-ex) guildies.  I thought this might be weird, and wasn’t going to do it this week but they all agreed we should carry on, and I’m glad that we did.  

Today I joined a new guild.  They are somewhat less progressed than my previous guild, but they raid at the right times, and from what I hear are a very mature and easy to get along with.  Tonight will be my first raid with them, hopefully it goes well!

If you have a guild changing story, please leave it in a comment, I’d love to hear it!

4 Responses to “When is it time to change?”

  1. admin says:

    Well just an update…. apparently unprogessed and me don’t go together well, so after only a few days I left and joined the most progressed alliance guild on our realm. The first few days were looking good, hard modes, lots of fun. Two weeks in, the guild started to fall apart, and we stopped raiding!! Such luck!! Well… I transfered realm, and hopefully my new guild works out! I left my resto shammy behind to play with all my friends on my prior server. It wasn’t an easy choice, but I really enjoy progression in this game.

  2. RestoDude says:


    I have been looking through your site and I really like it!!! I have a lvl 80 Holy/Prot pally and a recently leveled 40 Druid (Tauren). I started off as Feral but in a way, found it kinda boring! :o respecced to Resto and now enjoy it alot more. Being able to heal in dungeons is a great laugh especially when I can tag in and out of cat form to hit some random DPS whilst everyone is still topped up with a regrowth :)

    I have started a new social guild and is going really well, we have a roster of 54 members of different levels and class. What I wanted to ask is, what does it take to start a raid? I mean, I ask if people want to and get a good response, but its never as easy as saying ok this night at this time. Also, my palla is only at a gearscore of 4426 I think and tanking. Which I know is low but I have heard that some guilds have a progression rate of 6 with GS of under 3k!?

    What do you recommend and sorry for the rant ^_^

    HeAl oN

    • Archdruid Angela says:

      @RestoDude If you can’t get 10 people who commit to a time it’s really hard to get into raiding. It’s really awesome if you have 10 people of the right level on at the same time and want to try to throw something together, but unless it’s almost always the same 10 people it will feel like relearning the fights every single time you go in and will start to get painful. *shrug* But I could be wrong, LoL, Best of luck with your guild :)

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